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GST Retun Filing

GST Retun Filing

What is GST Return Filing ?

Every person who are applying for the GST Registration has to file GST return Filing. GST Return is mandatory for each person who is enrolled under the GST Registration. There are lots of types of the GST Return which you have to file on monthly basis with one annual return. A registered personal have to file the return about the following things –

  • Total Sales of the Month
  • Total Output GST Tax
  • Total Purchase of the Month
  • Total Input GST Credit Tax

if you are registered under the GST Composition Scheme then there are the different rules for the same.

Documents Required for the GST Return Filing

GST Return filing have no proper set of the documents. It requires mainly the sale invoice of taxable services or goods. So for the GST Returns filing you have to follow some standard guidelines –

  • Prepare each invoice as per the GST Law.
  • Maintain record online or offline as per book-keeping.
  • Try to maintain record in your GST Filing software or else use our simplified excel sheets.

Type of GST Return Forms

  • GSTR-1 – Details of all outward supplies of taxable goods and services to be filed by registered taxable supplier. The due date to file this form is 10th of the next month
  • GSTR-2 – Details of all inward supplies of taxable goods andservices to be filed by registered taxable recipient of the goods and services. The due date of filing this form is 15th of next month.
  • GSTR-3 –This form will be filled automatically on the basis of outward supplies and inward supplies with the payment of tax furnished in GSTR-1 and 2. The form will be prepared by 20th of the next month.
  • GSTR-4 –This form contain the details of outward supplies, tax payable and payment of tax. The due date of filing this form is 18th of the month succeeding quarter.
  • GSTR-5 –This form contain the details of outward supplies, imports, input tax, tax paid and reaming stock. The form has to be filed by non-resident taxable person by 20th of the next month.
  • GSTR-6 –This form contains the details of return for input service distributorand it is filed by input service distributor by 13th of the next month.
  • GSTR-7- This form contains the details of the tax deduction. Due date to file this form is 10th of the next month.
  • GSTR-8-his form contain the details of all supplies made through e-commerce operator and the amount of tax collected. The GSTR-8 form will be filed by e-commerce operator or tax collector by 10th of every month.
  • GSTR-9- Annual return filed by registered taxable person by 31st December of next financial year.
  • GSTR-10- Final return filed by taxable person whose registration has been surrendered or cancelled within three months of the date of cancellation or surrender whichever is later.
  • GSTR-11- Details of inward supplies to be furnished by a person who have Unique Identification Number (UIN) by 28th of the month following the month for which statement is filed.
  • GSTR-3b – Details of taxable supply of the goods and services in the month of July and Aug 2017.Do note that you do not have to provide invoice level information in this form. Only total values for each field have to be provided.